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OnePlus Nord vs OnePlus 8: which is the best smartphone?

OnePlus Nord vs OnePlus 8, Even though they are supposed to be complementary in their manufacturer’s offer, it’s hard not to compare the fresh OnePlus Nord and the slightly older OnePlus 8. A significant price difference separates them, but the former , cheaper, has the merit of offering a very good user experience. Enough to eclipse the high-end model? This is what we will try to see in the comparison of these two smartphones.



Unsurprisingly, the design of the OnePlus North is a little less refined than that of the OnePlus 8. It must be said at the same time that the most recent model is aimed at the mid-range while its opponent of the day is turned towards higher price segments . This does not detract from the comfort of handling the device, but let’s say that side by side, the aesthetic difference is felt.

The screen of the OnePlus 8 is thus curved on the sides, while that of the OnePlus North is completely flat, resulting in more visible black borders, without being disturbing. The mid-range model indeed enjoys a very neat design, but simply less sophisticated in comparison. Also evidenced by the plastic frame of the OnePlus North which proves that the brand has sought here to save money. To the touch however, you will not be embarrassed by this compromise.OnePlus Nord vs OnePlus 8 blank

OnePlus Nord in handOnePlus 8 front

Apart from that, the sizes of the two devices are quite comparable. The OnePlus 8 is noticeably taller, but on the other hand, the OnePlus North is a tiny bit wider and thicker. In any case, we are far from the very imposing format of the Pro version. Without being compact, the two smartphones that interest us today are particularly popular with their contained dimensions. In terms of weight, the difference is small: with 184 grams on the scale, the Nord weighs 4 grams more than the 8.

The OnePlus North and the OnePlus 8 also resemble each other in that the two smartphones have their panels punched in the upper left corner. Just note that this is a single hole in the OnePlus 8 when the OnePlus North is marked by a double bubble necessarily larger and visible. The latter is therefore less likely to satisfy you in terms of immersion in the screen, depending on your preferences in the matter.oneplus-nord-bulleoneplus-8-bulle-ecran

OnePlus North hallmarkTop of the OnePlus 8 screen

On the back, the two duelists of the day are not really made of the same wood … Finally it is an expression, because it is rather glass that we find at the back each time, but the location of the module rear photo varies. Always vertical, it is positioned in the center on the OnePlus 8 and on the left for the OnePlus North. We will also note that we are on a triple configuration on the high-end, against four sensors on the back of the mid-range, but we will come back to these elements later.

Our two stars of the day also share a few caveats. The jack and the microSD drawer are absent, as is the IP68 certification to guarantee the waterproofing of the products. In this regard, this is more of a flaw for the more expensive OnePlus 8 than for the OnePlus Nord which, at the price at which it is sold, does not play in a price segment where this feature is highly anticipated. .oneplus-nord-dos-en-main

oneplus-8-dosThe back of the OnePlus NorthOnePlus 8 from the back

So, we’re dealing here with two very well-designed smartphones, but let’s just say that the OnePlus 8 will have a better chance of wooing at first glance – unless you really loathe curved screens – especially since it also enjoys stereo speakers.


AMOLED display and 90 Hz mode for the OnePlus Nord. AMOLED display and 90 Hz mode for the OnePlus 8. As you can see, infinite contrast and fluidity of use are essential on each of the screens compared here. Finally, the biggest difference concerns the diagonal: 6.44 inches for the North, or a tad less than the 6.55 inches of the 8. Count on Full HD + on both sides.oneplus-nord-ecran-en-main-768x432

OnePlus is today one of the manufacturers offering the best display experiences in the world of smartphones. These two models are no exception to the rule, we enjoy a very high maximum brightness on both sides and an ability to display a plethora of colors, all with a very satisfactory accuracy and calibration.

It is therefore difficult to decide between the two devices, even if some will always be able to highlight that, on this account, it is better to ogle the OnePlus North since it is able to offer a screen quality very similar to the OnePlus 8 while it costs less.


Let’s compare OxygenOS to OxygenOS. It is not on this point that one of the opponents of this versus will be able to gain the upper hand. There is indeed a home interface of OnePlus always very pleasant to use on a daily basis. Extremely rich in customizations, intuitive and benefiting from several optimizations accentuating the effect of fluidity with each action, this user experience deserves to be so popular within the Android community .blank

blankblankFinally, what we could really blame OxygenOS is the lack of one-handed mode of use and the fact that the dark mode – very pleasant incidentally – is not more easily accessible. You have to go through the Customizations menu to take advantage of it, while we would prefer to have the possibility of activating it from the quick settings panels.


Photos have never really been OnePlus’ strong point. The manufacturer may have considerably beefed up its game over the years, this is still the main point on which it suffers from the comparison with other brands. The OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8 do not particularly shine in this area, even if they still provide the essential.


In terms of setup, on the back here is what we have for the OnePlus Nord:

  • 48-megapixel main sensor;
  • 8-megapixel ultra wide-angle;
  • 5 megapixel depth sensor;
  • sensor with 2 megapixel macro lens.

The OnePlus 8 benefits almost the same, but without a depth sensor:

  • 48-megapixel main sensor;
  • 8-megapixel ultra wide-angle;
  • sensor with 2 megapixel macro lens.

Overall, the OnePlus Nord and OnePlus 8 are equal in photography. On the shots in broad daylight, both phones do well with a satisfactory level of detail and good dynamics.oneplus-nord-appareil-photo

oneplus-8-logoOnePlus Nord cameraBack of OnePlus 8

The OnePlus 8 does, however, better on images taken at night. In this regard, it especially benefits from a more efficient night mode to efficiently retrieve some information in the scene.

Sadly, both phones have equally irrelevant macro modes. The photos thus generated almost always lack sharpness and it was better to try shooting with the main sensor for a better result.

Macro mode with the OnePlus NordMacro mode with the OnePlus NordMacro mode with the OnePlus Nordblank

Macro mode with the OnePlus 8: oneplus-8-test-macro-13oneplus-8-test-macro-1oneplus-8-test-macro-2

OnePlus 8 macro modeOnePlus 8 macro modeOnePlus 8 macro mode

The OnePlus North has a depth sensor dedicated to portrait mode that the OnePlus 8 does not have. This addition is not felt very markedly: the bokeh effect lacks overall precision.

On the front, the OnePlus North has a dual photo sensor that allows it a little more versatility. Indeed, thanks to its ultra-wide angle, group selfies will be easier to achieve. The utility remains, however, to be debated for many users who do not bother with such questions.

It should be noted all the same that the main sensor on the front of 32 megapixels on the OnePlus North is on the whole a little more effective in offering satisfactory selfies in terms of sharpness and dynamic management. However, it remains very difficult to designate a winner here.


The OnePlus 8 is necessarily more powerful than the OnePlus Nord with its Snapdragon 865 chip more muscular than the Snapdragon 765G of the mid-range model. However, we are talking about raw performance here. Concretely, this difference should not be felt much on a daily basis in most cases.

Indeed, the Snapdragon 765G of the OnePlus North manages to do very well on the most difficult tasks, without showing particular signs of weakness. Finally, it is on a very specific point that the OnePlus 8 truly flaunts its power. The high-end model knows how to manage the 60 fps on Fortnite in a stable way with the graphic qualities pushed to the epic level (the maximum level).oneplus-nord-bas-ecran oneplus-8-menton

Lower part of OnePlus NorthChin of OnePlus 8

Opposite, the OnePlus North does not encounter any concerns about the epic quality of the graphics, but the 45 fps mode it offers in the game settings is sorely lacking in stability. Prefer the 30 images displayed per second for a perfectly pleasant gaming session. But now, that’s enough to give the OnePlus 8 a narrow victory – which again costs more.


The OnePlus North (4115 mAh) as the OnePlus 8 (4300 mAh) show a good autonomy very sufficient to hold without difficulty throughout the day. We are not dealing with the champions in the matter either, but they can be quite reassuring, even if you leave the 90 Hz mode on your screen activated. A very good point as this option can damage the endurance of a device.oneplus-nord-usb-c

oneplus-8-tranche-inferieureOnePlus Nord USB-C portBottom edge of the OnePlus 8

So it’s a nearly tie – with perhaps a very slight edge of nothing at all for the OnePlus 8 and its larger capacity – that we’re seeing on this point. Also, on both phones you won’t be able to enjoy wireless charging, but will enjoy a very efficient 30W fast wired charger.


Good to know, whatever your choice, you will enjoy full compatibility with the French 4G frequency bands, as well as with the 5G network on bands n1, n3, n7, n28 (based on already existing 4G infrastructures ) and n78.

So whether you end up with the OnePlus Nord or the OnePlus 8 in hand, you won’t be penalized when 5G finally begins its commercial rollout in France.


Keep in mind that the OnePlus 8 is worth 300 euros more than the OnePlus North. What more do you get at this price? A more premium design, a much more impressive power, a little longer autonomy and stereo speakers.

Beyond that, the OnePlus Nord offers almost equal display quality while preserving the 90 Hz mode, the same very pleasant software experience and relatively similar photo performance. On top of that, its design, even if it is less polished and sophisticated, remains very comfortable in the hand. Its performance, although below those of its opponent of the day, allows you to fully enjoy greedy games on the condition of being satisfied with 30 fps, while the autonomy is also very satisfactory and the fast charge of 30 W is still Of the game.


In addition, the IP68 certification, the jack and the microSD slot cannot serve as differentiating arguments since they are not found on either of the two devices. Likewise, both are 5G compatible. In this regard, the OnePlus North therefore seems a better deal than the OnePlus 8, unless really top performance and the curved design are your top priorities. Even if it means looking for a really premium experience while staying under OxygenOS, you might as well put a little more money and get the OnePlus 8 Pro . For people with less budget, the OnePlus North will live up to your expectations.

To go further, you can find our full reviews on both products:


The OnePlus Nord exists in two versions. The one with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage is offered at the official price of 399 dollars. The 12/256 GB version costs 499 dollars.


Where to buy the

ONEPLUS NORTH at the best price ?

For the OnePlus 8, count on a recommended price of 699 euros for the model with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage when the better equipped 12/256 GB is officially worth 799 euros in France.

Where to buy the

ONEPLUS 8 at the best price?


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