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How iOS 14 Will Make iPhone Camera Faster and Easier to Use

Among the many new features found in iOS 14 , the software improvements to the iPhone camera caught our attention because they bring real pluses. They allow you to take pictures faster and control exposure more easily. They also help you stay still when taking pictures in night mode. So many very significant new features that will arrive this fall when the final version of iOS 14 is deployed

iOS 14 adds help for night mode Ios 14 night mode

To take a great photo in night mode, you need to keep the phone as still as possible. With iOS 14, there are now guides to help you keep your phone still when taking photos in these dark conditions.

If you move the iPhone too much, two marks, one yellow and one white, appear in the center of the screen. You can then adjust the way you hold the phone until the two marks coincide. The key is the assurance of taking a sharper picture.

Mirror selfies iOS 14 mirror selfie

When taking a selfie, iPhone reverses the photo so things like text are readable. But iOS 14 will allow you to take a mirror self-portrait. You will be able to take a photo of the inverted version of your face. If there is text on your garment, it will appear inside out, like when you are facing a mirror. Note that on Android, this feature has been around for years, especially at Huawei.

To activate this mirroring mode, go to Settings, Camera and in the Composition section, activate the Front mirror camera function. What’s great is that it works for both stills and videos. Small precision, the preview in real time on the screen is not mirrored.

An exposure compensation dial iOS 14 exposure compensation

Adjusting the brightness of a photo that you are going to take can be tedious with iOS 13. The focus and exposure are in a small yellow square that appears when you touch the screen. This yellow square is called the AF / AE (autofocus / automatic exposure) box.

To change the exposure, press the icon to the right of the AF / AE box and drag the icon up or down. Not practical because the interface is very small.

Things will change with iOS 14 which introduces a new Exposure Compensation button that makes it easier to adjust the brightness of your photo. When you open the camera tool menu, a new exposure compensation icon appears, represented by a circle with plus and minus signs in the middle. A slider allows you to increase or decrease the exposure. Apple even has numbered graduations, like a mirrorless camera or a digital SLR.


  1. Take photos even faster with iOS 14 Take photos faster with iOS 14

Another big advantage is the ability to take consecutive photos faster. When you’re not in burst mode, iOS 14 significantly shortens the time between taking two photos in a row.


Volume up button activates burst mode

Currently in iOS 13, when one or the other of the volume buttons is pressed and held down, it records a video. With iOS 14, you will be able to redefine the function linked to the volume up button to take photos in bursts when you hold it down. To activate it, go to Settings, Camera and then Use volume for burst.


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